The KUU-tubes contain jam with a delicious flavour or combination of flavours. Handmade. The KUU-tubes are carefully filled and closed by hand. A little box protects the soft aluminum of the tube. Each box contains a flyer.

The KUU-tubes are design-objects. They are original and easy, practical en hygienic to use and they are completely recycable. Their silver dress will certainly embellish your table and impress your guests.

Traditionally jam is preserved in a jar. We chose an original aluminum tube. So the jam is completely protected from air and light. Colour, taste and shelf life are longer guaranteed, even after opening.

The "KUU-special drinks" want to be an alternative for the usual soft drinks. A lot of flavours plus natural juice or extract , without soda. Beerdrinkers can enjoy special beers. Who doesn't like to drink beer, now can taste the "KUU-special drinks". Delicious and refreshing.

KUU wins the Limburg innovation award

About KUU


KUU is a spin-off from Blueberry fields. This blueberry company is managed by Nele Quick and well known for its berries by a large public for more than 20 years. It’s also a leading company in making artisanal products. Main objective is: bringing people into contact with the healthy fruit and the beautiful nature of the domain.


KUU wants to invent, develop and sell new artisanal products. Creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship. The company name “KUU” was found in the first letter in “Quick”, the last name of manager Nele. The first products are the “KUU- tube” and the “KUU-special drinks”.




Schomstraat 147 - B-3582 Beringen Belgium
+32 (0)11 23 03 10

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